A moment before the future!

We have developed the scientific concept that allowed us to develop Mivar space – a comprehensive instrument unifying the whole digital world. Combining diverse digital formats Mivar managed to "realize" and "understand" the knowledge that we provided.

The research institute (RI) “Mivar” was founded in 2009 by developers of mivar modelling theory and designers of logical artificial intelligence of new generation.

Technological developments of the research institute “Mivar” allow us to speak about an evolutionary leap and an entirely new stage in the development of automated control systems and computer reasoning.

The research institute develops application systems on the basis of logical artificial intelligence, integrates mivar solutions into IT-landscape of the client.

Systems and suites designed by our specialists allow us to use computing capacities efficiently. It gives considerable advantages over artificial intelligence based on other principles. Moreover, mivar systems are capable of making complex decisions without human involvement.

Mivars and mivar-based approach: technological basis

Mivar is a special form of describing reality. Artificial intelligence developed on the basis of mivar principles is extremely close to rational human reasoning.

Mivar computations as a scientific field began developing in the 80’s years of the 20th century. Developers faced a challenge of reducing the requirements for computing systems by using more sophisticated mathematical models. As a result mivar-based approach was introduced, which is founded on the technology of multidimensional database development and unique processing principle.

Artificial intelligence based on mivar-oriented technology handles any type of information efficiently. Machine codes, texts of the books, natural speech, images and etc. everything has both the form and the content. Mivar-based approach opens up completely new opportunities for developing autonomous specialized robots as well as evolutionary software suites.


Main activities:

  • New generation expert systems (logical reasoning systems, LRS);
  • Semantic technologies for understanding natural language;
  • Intelligent pattern recognition;
  • Automated control systems and control systems for autonomous intelligent robots.

Expert systems

Mivar-based technologies open up new opportunities for developing expert systems. Using massive amounts of unstructured information (Big Data) mivar software suite will provide a solution to the set task. Moreover, as opposed to other systems, it will prove the solution showing the logical inference chain. In addition, mivar expert system is capable of operating in real time. Thus, if conditions change in the process of implementation, then the platform will find a new optimal solution to the problem.

Specialists of the RI “Mivar” have designed a platform for building specialized expert systems: Mivar expert system designer (Wi!Mi!). It can be applied in different sectors of economy. For example, it can be deployed in education: using the platform, we can build a system that will solve mathematical tasks as an example. In medicine the introduction of Wi!Mi! can boost the quality of services designed for the population of rural and remote areas: the system is capable of making a tentative diagnosis according to symptoms. Application of mivar-based technologies in industry will allow us to distribute load among employees efficiently, optimize logistics and establish effective partnership. Furthermore, mivar system won’t always offer a static result, but a dynamic model.

Semantic natural language processing systems

Computers learned to understand printed texts and writing long ago. They can already assess the content and even try to “guess” emotional tone. However, mivar principle allows us to go further and make spoken language almost native for software suites. Owing to this fact, human-computer communication will be entirely comfortable.

Speaking to a virtual consultant developed on the basis of mivar technologies, a client won’t understand immediately that he is speaking to artificial intelligence. Specialists of the RI have developed a basic platform: “Mivar test personality emulator” (Tel!Mi). Virtual consultants designed on the basis of the platform are easily trained: they are capable of understanding texts of books, legal acts, industry regulations, etc.

Mivar technologies application will boost call-centers and services operation aimed at the mass market. Virtual consultant could handle majority of requests faster and more efficiently than a human-operator.

Intelligent image processing systems

The work with graphics has always been a challenging task for search and other services. Mivar principle opens up new opportunities for electronic image processing. As opposed to other technologies, mivar-based systems “understand” what is depicted in the image. Due to comprehensive analysis, mivar system will easily define what a yellow round object is depicted: a tennis ball or a lemon. Having studied the context, it will know which type the object refers to: a still life or a photo from a tennis competition.

Mivar-oriented technologies provide the basis for developing really intelligent search systems, image and video processing systems. Moreover, the application of these systems can improve response time and security system reliability. Mivar-based technologies are entirely new opportunities for “robot vision”.

Now the computer will be capable of detecting bars mechanically as well as seeing and understanding the world around.

Intelligent robotic suite control systems

Robots and robotic suites are the peak of technological civilization development. They have entered into almost all areas of our life imperceptibly: medicine, industry, military, etc. The main element of robots is not a manipulator or a detector, but a control system. The efficiency of robotic suite application depends on how productive and reliable artificial intelligence is.

An antimine robot, an underwater robot and a number of other specialized mechanisms can be controlled remotely in real time. But, for example, controlling an autonomous robotic suite on the emergency nuclear power plant is hindered by high level of radiation and noise on the radio. Moreover, it is completely impossible to control a robot rover or space surveillance vehicle from the Earth. In such cases intelligent suites should make autonomous decisions, especially in an emergency. Mivar-based technologies enable robots to act independently of a human-operator.

Mivar-based technologies are the evolutionary leap in robotic systems development: ranging from mechanical manipulators and simple engines to reasoning systems and, subsequently, their social cooperation.