Intelligent robot management

Our research institute focuses on developing universal software platform for intellectualizing robots on the basis of mivar technologies.

The main difference between intelligent robots and programmed ones is meaningful behavior. Intelligent robot doesn’t operate according to previously set algorithm (although it can be complex). It operates understanding the meaning of the set goal, taking into account limitations and changing environment. 

Understanding of the meaning is achieved on the basis of formal knowledge embedded in the robot, which it can acquire and verify in the process of operating. On the basis of meaning understanding intelligent robot can autonomously construct optimal algorithm to achieve set goals and actualize this algorithm when environment changes.

Operation description

Intelligent robots are capable of:

  • performing tasks in real unpredictably changing environment;
  • operating multitude of robots simultaneously;
  • communicating with a human in natural language;
  • learning autonomously and developing skills in performing similar tasks.

Although there have recently been significant achievements in the field of intelligent robot management in the world, one of the major disadvantages of represented software solutions is low performance when operating available computational capacities.

The tasks it solves

We believe that mivar approach will allow us to solve the problem of high-performance robot intellectualization without limitations concerning volume of knowledge base.

Developing mivar platform of robot intellectualization involves working in the main areas of intelligent robotics including:

  • navigation, movement, manipulation;
  • technical vision, hearing, touch;
  • natural language communication;
  • multi-agent robot groups management.

As robots can differ in size and, consequently, in computational capacities on board (sufficient as well as insufficient for solving intelligent tasks) we provide the development of two versions of mivar intellectualization platform: embedded platform and service platform.

Embedded version of the platform will be fully installed in the robot and allow it to operate in automatic mode.

Service version of the platform will allow us to impart intelligence to robots with poor computational capacities by transferring part of the load to the server. Consequently, such robots won’t be completely autonomous, however they can be small and cheap (which is actual for example for consumer robotics).

We invite robotics developers to cooperation:

  • to make robots intelligent;
  • so as not to depend on foreign manufacturers of robotics software platforms that can any time refuse to cooperate and provide services.