Next generation expert systems

One of the key activities of the research institute “Mivar” – is expert system development. The research institute has created the unique technology of high-performance logical inference.

Distinctive features of mivar expert systems are the following:

  • The absence of previously assigned task solution algorithm. The solution algorithm is built every time dynamically based on the information and rules available at the moment of the launch with the possibility of verifying in the process of constructing algorithm.
  • The capability to accumulate information and unify knowledge of different experts within one model and then apply it when searching for task solution algorithm.

Operation description

On the basis of mivar approach the information technology platform has been developed. It is designed for creating specialized information systems capable of solving complex real-time logical tasks associated with processing of large volumes of information. Expert systems based on mivar principles represent data in the form of semantic mivar graph VSO (“Thing-Property-Relation”). After describing all the elements and relations between them such systems generate a situation model. Such an approach allows us:

  • to identify hidden objects and relations;
  • to eliminate context ambiguity when recognizing continuous flow of natural language speech and texts;
  • to perform fuzzy search (searching text, audio and video-data with uncertain search criteria).

The tasks it solves

Mivar approach lays the foundation for unifying all existing and perspective developments in the field of intelligent expert systems. But to ensure their proper operation it is necessary to create specialized models and provide detailed description of the dependencies. Thus, it requires the involvement of a profile expert and a knowledge engineer who can translate industry problems into mivar model language.

Practical application

Products based on mivar technologies have an extremely broad field of application: ranging from education and medicine to high-tech and engineering. Mivar principles laid the foundation for expert system designer – Wi!Mi! and mobile app Teach!Mi.

Software products


The platform is designed for specialized expert system building. These systems are automated, trained and logically reasoning.

The functions that system performs:

  • constructing models;
  • managing models (editing, adding, deleting data);
  • visualizing models;
  • testing models (verifying);
  • exploitation - solving application tasks on the models.


The application Teach!Mi allows us to solve technical discipline tasks from the school course without attaching to textbooks and manuals. To solve a task it is necessary to select a subject, enter task conditions and obtain step-by-step solution algorithm with indication of references to theoretical information.

The functions of Teach!Mi:

  • generating and delivering step-by-step solution;
  • delivering solution to the task in the form of numerical value;
  • teaching the user task solution logic;
  • providing the user with theorems and axioms necessary for solving the task.