Plan generation system

The plan generation system is represented by the demo-stand APGS for EE (Automated plan generation system for emergency elimination).


The system allows us to design emergency elimination algorithm linking actions of different emergency services, the sequence of actions and time of their implementation. Thus, when calling the emergency service 112, an operator of the system 112 can form a general plan for emergency elimination, assign tasks to different services and send both a general plan for emergency elimination and a detailed plan for operation of a particular service (fire service, ambulance service, gas service). Moreover, designing a plan for emergency elimination allows us to use the resources of these services more efficiently (for example, some services needn’t arrive at the scene of emergency immediately, but some time after elimination of emergency began).


To generate an algorithm for services actions, an operator of the system 112 enters information obtained from the injured or other information sources as well as specifies additional information in the system to construct an algorithm. Entering information can be executed manually as well as through the integration of the system with the “event card” of available ACS. The obtained action plan is transmitted to emergency services brigades. The action plan can be represented in any form, including Gantt chart taking into account the sequence of actions, time of operations, and their interconnection.