Business proposal

The research institute “Mivar” has been set up with the goal to develop and promote products in the field of artificial intelligence of new generation. The main technology areas are the following:

  • development of expert systems and decision support systems
  • intelligent text processing and development of environment for efficient - human-computer communication
  • semantic image analysis and intelligent vision for robots
  • control systems for robotic suites
  • automated robots of new generation.

Mivar-based technologies are the basis for a technological leap, they open up entirely new opportunities for data storage and data processing.

The team of the research institute has already developed a number of products, for example, Wi!Mi software platform for developing specialized expert systems and Tel!Mi software platform for developing virtual consultants and personal assistants.

Teams of independent developers have already applied our technologies. Thus, mobile app solving mathematical problems and other problems from the school course is already available in AppStore and Google Play. Experts of the research institute “Mivar” are eager to implement projects for IT-landscape optimization or intelligent processing of large amount of information jointly with client teams.