Mivar intelligent systems

Tomorrow is now!

Everything vital on the earth carries knowledge in its genes. Man as a rational being has learned to store the knowledge in different forms. First there was an oral tradition, then written form emerged. The amount of knowledge increased. In 20th century people learned to transmit knowledge to future generations not only in written form but also in a digital form. Information flows began to grow rapidly. It became very difficult to find answers to the questions in this data space. In some subject areas it became almost impossible without special skills and understanding of the subject area.

Scientists began to create different mechanisms for storage and knowledge processing. Expert systems, context management systems, decision-making systems, search engines were introduced. Each of these systems stores data differently. That is the reason why a problem of knowledge exchange arises. In fact, the mechanism for the information exchange between systems that store knowledge is similar to the prototype of artificial intelligence. But as knowledge is power, a person who possesses knowledge tries to save it for his own needs and is very reluctant to share knowledge with others searching for own benefits.

In the 21st century different internet encyclopedias gain widespread popularity. These network resources collect and unite different people that are willing to share knowledge with others. The main drawback of such resources is the absence of the answer to the question, that seems to exist in the system but is not recorded in explicit form, but as an explanation or description of the absolutely different term or concept.

A disadvantage of such systems is that they just store knowledge in the form of a pair: a concept and its definition. The mankind has used such an approach for many centuries. First a thematic catalogue has been created in the library and then it has been implemented in the network space. But it doesn’t solve the problem of understanding.

The problem of developing an intelligent system that could provide not only interpretation of a word or a concept but prove its position, having backed it by the arguments remains actual and significant in practical terms.

How does it work?

Mivar is a special form of describing reality. Artificial intelligence developed on the basis of mivar principles is extremely close to rational human reasoning.

Mivar computations as a scientific field began developing in the 80’s years of the 20th century. Developers faced a challenge of reducing the requirements for computational systems by using more sophisticated mathematical models.

Three pillars of mivar technologies are innovative multi-dimensional databases, a unique mivar algorithm of information processing and a conceptual cognitive model of objects description and their relations.

Mivar-based technologies comprise the basis for evolutionary leap in robotic systems development: ranging from mechanical manipulators and simple mechanisms to reasoning systems and their social cooperation.

The world is new, mivar

We have developed the scientific concept that allowed us to develop Mivar space – a comprehensive instrument unifying the whole digital world. Combining diverse digital formats Mivar managed to “realize” and “understand” the knowledge that we provided.

Due to mivar systems a semantic level has been introduced in text understanding technology. Thus, we have managed to teach Mivar space to identify digital photos understanding the images depicted and even analyse particular object properties in digital images. We have developed an instrument applying which experts in different fields will be capable of describing knowledge areas as well as communicating with each other efficiently.

The world is new, mivar

We have consolidated knowledge from different application areas (for example, geometry, physics, finance) in the unified picture of the world. Mivar space providing artificial intelligence with erudition is a kind of long-term memory. The picture of the world is an instrument allowing man to teach Mivar artificial intelligence extremely rapidly by describing any subject area. The more artificial intelligence " knows" the more practical benefits it can bring for people. Man acquires not just an instrument for solving tasks but real artificial intelligence capable of justifying its position.

A moment before the future

Logical inference with the linear computational complexity – is processing of more than 5 million rules in less than a second on computer!

Computers have entered into almost all areas of life imperceptibly: they manage communications networks, control fuel injection in car engine, send messages reminding about an upcoming meeting and etc. Such terms as “smart homes”, “smart phones”, “intelligent systems” have become a part of our everyday life and don’t arouse any emotion. It is not surprising that it was just an advertising gimmick until recently. However, with the introduction of mivar technologies the term “smart” referring to computer hardware can be applied in direct sense.

Data processing technologies available on the market have almost completely exhausted their potential. IT-experts have discussed the necessity of introducing new principles into database construction and new algorithm design when working with the information. We have developed a new digital environment capable of changing the world completely.

Mivar principles allow us to work with the information more efficiently. Multi-dimensional mivar databases and unique processing algorithm enable a standard computer to solve tasks that previously required powerful computing complexes. It opens up wide opportunities for developing computers of entirely new architecture, artificial intelligence of next generation and reasoning robotic complexes.

The introduction of mivar space transforms global network. Now the Internet resembles a junk shop where everything is piled into heaps. Mivar technologies will allow us to turn it into thinking microcosm, which all intelligent systems and complexes will appeal. It is only on mivar nets that a project of total Internet announced by global IT- vendors can be implemented. Mivars are the future of civilization. And it has already come!